What Makes Australia the Most Preferred Study Destination?

What Makes Australia the Most Preferred Study Destination?

Katherine, a student from Belgium, needed a change in her life, so she decided to study in Australia. She was good at French but was unable to speak English, so she opted for the English language study in a Sydney school for 18 months. Given the need to pay for transportation, food and a place to live, she accepted a job as a cleaning assistant. Now, she is planning to take Business Studies course at CQ University.

“What I like the most about Australia is safety, another advantage is public transport and it fascinates me that society has a relationship with nature…. I did some research and Australia was my first choice for studying,” Katherine.

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For many people like Katherine, Australia is one of the first options that come to mind when they think about studying abroad; that is why it is not strange that in this country around 20% of the students of higher education are foreigners, a figure that made Australia the country with the highest concentration of international students in the world.

Australia is listed as one of the best countries to live in the world. This nation has the safest cities in the world, in addition to providing a high quality of life and great study offers. However, when you want to emigrate and study there, the same question always arises: “Will it be a good investment for my future?”

Here are some facts that can help you choose Australia as your study destination:


Looking to keep things the same way, the government and some universities in the country grant more than 200 million dollars (Australian) in scholarships for international students with high academic performance. So, if you get to work, you can claim some of that sum for you.

Top Ranking Universities and a Good Educational Environment

According to the QSRanking, there are around seven Australian universities in the top 100 and many more are there in the top 300. It means the environment for education is quite competitive. Educational institutes try to come with up with the best practices, courses and programs in order to remain ahead of the competition.


Money is the single most factor that affects and concerns international students all over the globe. The unemployment rate in Australia is well below 10%, which means it is easy to get a job if you seek one. Current minimum wage stands at $18.29 an hour and one can make a decent living (as a student) working part-time.

Beaches and Nature

If you love nature, you will absolutely love Australia. There are great beaches, scenic natural landscapes and unique wildlife. There are thousands of places that you can visit and have a great time.

Public Transport

Australia has a well-established public transportation network. So, you live in suburbs and still reach your workplace or college in the city center with comfort and ease. According to the 2015 FareBenchmarking Report by Brisbane-based consultancy NineSquared, capital cities of Australia are ahead of London, New York, Berlin and Paris in most affordable places for public transport.

Hence, Australia is a great study destination where you can meet a lot of different people and where you would want to travel to different places.

The American author Mark Twain put it best when he said:  “Traveling is fatal to prejudice, fanaticism and narrow-mindedness.”  In a world that is more connected than ever, open appreciation and understanding of other cultures are essential.

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The friends you meet in the Australian universities will be part of your network for life. Along with the creation of rewarding personal friendships, the connections you make are the most valuableasset you can have in your professional life. Wherever your career takes you,having international connections can open the door to unexpected opportunities.As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

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